A burn permit is required to burn in Prince Edward County. Burn permits are $20.00 and they are valid from the date of issue to December 31st of the year issued.

Prior to burning, your burn permit must be activated by calling the Automated Burn Hotline at 613.476.7232 or 613.962.3497 and entering the 4-digit code at the top of the permit.

NOTE: Purchasing and activating a burn permit does not excuse any actions that are contrary to By-law 2105-2008 any may result in a fine.

Issued Pursuant to By-Law No. 2105-2008 as amended

A burn permit is issued subject to the following conditions:

  1. No person shall set a fire at any time or place within the County of Prince Edward unless such person/persons has obtained a permit to burn and without first notifying the Fire Department Automated Open Air Burn Notification System by telephone at 613.476.7232 or 613.962.3497 and entering their burning permit number when prompted.
  2. No person shall start, set or maintain a fire on any property unless that person is the owner of the property or written permission from the owner has been obtained; and the written permission is available for viewing at the property.
  3. There must be an attendant at the scene of the fire at all times and the fire must be completely extinguished before the attendant shall leave.
  4. This permit may be revoked at any time in the absolute discretion of the Fire Chief or officer in charge for the County of Prince Edward.
  5. No burn permit issued may be transferred or assigned and no person shall enjoy a vested right in the continuance of a burn permit.
  6. The applicant hereby acknowledges that in the event any of the foregoing conditions are not complied with, this permit may become null and void and the applicant shall be liable for the full cost of extinguishing the fire.
  7. The provisions of this permit shall apply to a fire that is;
    • Burn Barrel - contained in a metal or concrete incinerator that is entirely covered by metal wire mesh with grid openings not more than 12mm in diameter, and must be located at least 8m from any buildings, forest or woodland and 5m from the property line.
    • Residential Campfires – contained within an area completely surrounded by a non-combustible barrier of metal, masonry, ceramic or stone or is contained within a pit in the ground. The diameter of the campfire does not exceed 110cm, and is located at least 8m from any buildings, forest or woodland and 5m from the property line.
    • Fire in Outdoor Fireplace/ Chimineas – not located on a balcony, on any combustible surfaces, is in good working order and is located at least 3m from any building, forest or woodland and 5m from the property line.
    • Brush Fires – fires are set and maintained at a distance of no less than 25m from any building, combustible structure, and overhead wires and located at least 5m from the property line. In County owned landfill sites and farming operations the pile size must not exceed 8m in length, 8m in width and 8m in height. Materials to be burned in all other locations must not exceed 3m in length, 3m in width, and 3m in height. The fire is not set or maintained except during the time between one half hour before sunrise and one half hour after sunset.
  8. You CANNOT burn household garbage, plastic, painted, pressure treated boards, rubber or any other material unfriendly to the environment.
  9. The permit holder will be responsible for the conditions which may cause the blowing of sparks and/or smoke.
  10. A copy of the Prince Edward County Burning Permit By-law No. 2105-2008 can be viewed or printed off from the County website at www.TheCounty.ca.
  11. If you have any concerns or wish to report a suspicious burn or complaint, please call 613.476.2345 x3050.