Development Framework Report


The purpose of a development framework for Prince Edward County is to provide a vision, guiding principles and recommendations for making decisions related to development. After lengthy consultations with the development community and the engagement of our elected officials, this framework was developed to be brought forward over the next 24 months in an effort to establish a benchmark of development services delivery in Prince Edward County. Through the feedback from the development community and review of development practices in other same size and structure communities the major issues and problems associated with the development of land in Prince Edward County were identified. Once the issues, challenges and problems were brought forward, municipal staff worked with our elected officials and industry stakeholders to craft 31 separate actionable solutions that they feel will work towards encouraging growth and creating stability in the development community. There is no single solution, developer, member of staff or elected official that is going to solve the challenges Prince Edward County faces. A community that is encouraging, engaging, stabilizing and fostering development takes the efforts and commitments of each group working in concert towards a common goal. This framework while comprehensive and a departure from the ways we have traditionally handled developers and development speaks to a community that needs growth to offset the inevitable ongoing increase in services and costs. It is the vision of forward thinking councillors that listened to our development community and were willing to craft solutions to their issues, concerns and problems, acknowledging that to grow our population and tax base involves working with not against those that invest in our community.

Development Framework Report PDF