Fire & Rescue

"Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue prides itself in providing the residents of Prince Edward County with effective and essential fire services. Our firefighters have received various trainings in many disciplines and are constantly maintaining and improving their skills to better serve Prince Edward County. We want you to take fire prevention and safety into your own hands and we are here to support you in being proactive."

-Fire Chief Robert Rutter

Mission Statement

The primary mission of Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue is to provide a range of programs to protect the lives and property of the inhabitants of Prince Edward County from the adverse effects of fires, sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature.

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Core Services Provided:

Prince Edward County Fire & Rescue does a large variety of tasks aside from fighting fires. The following list provides the duties required by our fire department: 

  • Structural firefighting, including rescue and fire attack
  • Emergency responses to properties accessed via private roads, private lanes or driveways
  • Vehicle firefighting
  • Grass and brush firefighting
  • Marine firefighting (shore-based only)
  • Medical First Response
  • Awareness level hazardous materials
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Vehicle extrication
  • Transportation accidents involving vehicles, aircraft and watercraft
  • Water and Ice rescue
  • Public assistance
  • Other agencies assistance
  • Fire prevention and education activities
  • Review and approval of propane facility “risk and safety management plans”

The Fire Department Also Plays a Key Role in:

  • The Hastings Prince Edward Mutual Aid Association
  • The County's Community Emergency Plan
  • Fire Protection Agreements

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