Prospective STA Owners and Operators

Prince Edward County has become one of Ontario’s most popular tourist destinations. Many visitors enjoy staying in short-term accommodations as well as bed and breakfast establishments. Changing consumer demands also mean that non-traditional short-term accommodations are gaining in popularity.

The municipality is committed to implementing reasonable regulations that limit the growth of short-term accommodations in saturated areas and encourage new short-term accommodations in appropriate areas and in appropriate densities. Furthermore, the municipality wants to ensure the safe and respectful operation of short-term accommodations in the interest of all residents and visitors.

STA Licence Application Pause

The municipality is pausing the intake of new licence applications after 3 pm on Wednesday, Septmber 30. During that time the municipality will conduct a full review of the program. Staff will bring a report back to Council no later than January 31, 2021.

If you have submitted a complete application before September 30 and are awaiting an inspection, the pause does not apply. The municipality will continue to do inspections in the coming weeks and months.

Furthermore, the municipality will continue to accept licence renewal applications for existing licensed STAs.

If you are currently in the process of purchasing a house, you can submit to the municipality a copy of a purchase and sale agreement as proof of ownership so that you can apply prior to September 30.

If you have questions about your particular situation, please contact 613.476.2148 extension 2050 or 613.962.9108 extension 2050 or email to

Contact Us

We encourage prospective buyers to contact the County of Prince Edward Planning Department to confirm their ability to establish an STA on a specific property. If you require more information or have specific questions regarding your property or situation, please call 613.476.2148 extension 2050, 613.962.9108 extension 2050, or