Age in Place

In 2012, The County of Prince Edward introduced the concept of Age in Place that envisions a seniors' community that will encourage active living and integration into the community, but also facilitates residents' transition into increasing levels of assisted living if additional support becomes necessary as an individual ages.

The County of Prince Edward recently completed the development of the Master Plan for the H.J. McFarland lands for the Age In Place Concept. To view the plan please click on the photo below:

McFarland Master Plan

As part of the Age In Place Concept the County has amended the official plan to approve zoning on the H.J. McFarland lands. The permitted uses will be restricted to:

  • Hospital
  • Nursing homes
  • Medical clinic
  • Park, public or private
  • Public uses or utilities
  • Townhouse dwellings
  • Low rise apartments
  • Quadruplexes
  • Retirement home or retirement lodge
  • Senior citizen's housing complex