Third Party Information

Individuals, corporations and unions can register as third party advertisers and can also make contributions to third party advertisers.

Third party advertisers will need to register with the County of Prince Edward Clerk's Office and complete registration papers. If they want to advertise in more than one municipality, they have to register in each municipality.

The registration form is available for download by clicking on this link: Third Party Registration Form. Third party advertisers can also obtain the forms through the Clerk's Office at Shire Hall (332 Picton Main Street).

Registration allows a third party advertiser to promote or oppose any candidate that the electors in the County of Prince Edward can vote for (local council or school board trustee positions).

Posters, signs, publications, etc., promoting or opposing candidates are 'third party advertisements.'

Third party advertising must be done independently of candidates, who are not able to direct a third party advertiser. Candidates are not able to register as third party advertisers.

Every third party is responsible for keeping financial records related to their advertising campaign. The Municipal Elections Act, 1996 does not require that third parties use any specific accounting system. A third party may want to consult with an auditor or an accountant to make sure that they are using a bookkeeping and accounting system that will suit their needs.

The third party should also look through the Third Party Financial Statement (Form 8) that they will be required to file to make sure that they are keeping records of all the information that must be included on the statement. Every third party is required to keep all of their advertising campaign financial records until November 15, 2022 when the next council or school board takes office.

Registration for third party advertisers will open on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 and close on Friday, October 19, 2018 at 4:30 pm.

Click here to read the Guide for Third Party Advertisers