Corporate Strategic Plan

Corporate Strategic Plan Graphic

County Council in January 2020 approved a renewed set of corporate strategic priorities and a strategy to engage Prince Edward County residents and businesses. Read the staff report to Council, which includes the final report of the consultant who led the priority setting sessions with Council.

The strategic priorities and broad objectives approved by Council include:

• Financial Sustainability
Ensure financial sustainability with a financial plan and reserves that allow us to achieve our financial objectives.

• Corporate Culture
Create a culture that supports and celebrates staff to do their jobs in an environment of collaboration and continuous improvement.

• Infrastructure Renewal
Create a sustainable plan focused on maintaining core existing infrastructure and services

• Maintain Rural and Historic Character
Maintain the rural and historic character of the County through responsible planning, principals and decision-making.

• Tourism Plan / Destination Marketing
Balance the needs of the tourism industry and the needs of the residents, mitigating the impact of tourism on residents and infrastructure.

• Livable Community
Foster an affordable, healthy, livable community for all.

• Adapting to Climate Change

Ensure public safety and the protection of municipal assets, championing the protection of rural habitats and the natural environment and, where possible, reduce the climate impact of our decisions to put The County in the best possible position to adapt to climate change.

Background Information

The renewed set of Council priorities build on the Corporate Strategic Plan adopted in 2016. Click here to view the Corporate Strategic Plan.