Quinte Conservation Authority


Quinte Conservation is made up of three watersheds - the Moira River, Napanee Region and Prince Edward Region - each watershed has an advisory board to deal with individual watershed items, such as hearings or property issues. These meetings are usually held three to four times per year (more if required) at the call of the Chair.

All three watershed advisory boards (MRW, NRW and PERW) make up the Quinte Conservation Executive Committee, which meets monthly every third Thursday to deal with watershed issues, such as review and approval of issuance of permits and planning, updates of ongoing environmental programs and projects, budgets, media releases, staff reports and all other requests and correspondence pertaining to Quinte Conservation’s mandate.

Duties and Functions

To represent the mandate and policies of Quinte Conservation, and relay the environmental concerns of the public to the Quinte Conservation Board. Annual budget and minutes are received through Council.

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Three (3) members elected by the board will be appointed to and required to attend six (6) QC executive committee meetings per year.

Municipalities are responsible for appointing representatives who can be Members of Council, community members or a combination of both. The County of Prince Edward appoints eight members, three Members of Council and five members of the community.

Board members are required to attend each of the Quinte Conservation Executive Committee meetings and the Prince Edward Region Watershed Advisory meetings, and to confirm their attendance one week prior to the meeting.


Councillors John Hirsch, Kate MacNaughton and Janice Maynard appointed for term of Council (Motion 2019-17, January 8, 2019)

Citizen representatives Jim Dunlop, Ray Hobson, Tom Livingston and Les Stanfield appointed for term of Council or until reappointed (Motion 2019-127, January 22, 2019)