Prince Edward Tree Policy Ad-Hoc Committee


The mandate of the Tree Policy Ad-hoc Advisory Committee is to provide to Council for consideration a draft updated tree policy through:

• Identifying community outreach opportunities
• Consulting with key stakeholders as required
• Considering input from road operations staff
• Considering input from public utility operations staff
• Considering input from homebuilding and land development interests
• Considering the County’s Strategic Plan, Official Plan, and secondary plans
• Considering urban forest best management practices, such as those laid out by the Canadian Urban Forest management network
• Considering input from Development Services staff regarding the development review and approvals process
• Reviewing the existing Prince Edward County Tree Policy RD 600
• Researching other municipal tree policies and practices
• Researching standards for public tree replacements (i.e. size/type/quantity)
• Considering when an arborist’s review is required
• Considering the practice of public forest management (i.e “County Forests”, Woodlots – Public Land Trusts)
• Considering public involvement in public tree removals/plantings
• Considering compensation to the County for third-party removals/damage (i.e. development, utilities, etc)
• Other activities as requested through motion of Council


The Prince Edward Tree Policy Ad-hoc Advisory Committee shall be no larger than 10 members, consisting of the following:

• One councillor;
• County of Prince Edward Director of Operations, or assign;
• County of Prince Edward Development Engineer, or assign;
• One representative with a local tree-related business association, preferably an arborist;
• Four representatives from an active community planting group, such as the PEC Horticultural Society, PEC Master Gardeners or PEC Field Naturalists;
• One representative from a local development/home builders association; and
• One International Society Arborist (ISA) certified arborist with experience in urban forest management.

Committee Members