Master Fire Plan Working Ad Hoc Committee

Duties and Functions

To develop a comprehensive Master Fire Plan with the support of the Office of the Fire Marshal. A Master Fire Plan will create a framework to lead the Fire Department into the future by:

  • Assessing fire protection needs and circumstances in the County, including fire risk, capabilities of the existing fire service, and capacity by providing options to Council and implementation within the County budget process;
  • Identifying options for developing and delivering fire services through efficient and effective use of all available resources;
  • Providing recommendation for the implementation strategies and plans;
  • Using the strategies and plans as a foundation to determine that the goals established meet required standards and are achieved in accordance with the needs of the municipality;
  • Facilitating continual monitoring and evaluation of the Plan’s implementation;
  • Providing a mechanism to revise the Plan, if needed, to ensure continued viability.

Meeting Dates

As required.


The Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • Fire Chief
  • Deputy Fire Chief
  • Fire Prevention Officer
  • Full-time Firefighter Representative(s)
  • District Fire Chief Representative(s)
  • Volunteer Firefighter Representative(s)
  • Commissioner of Corporate Services and Finance
  • Office of the Fire Marshal representative(s)

Committee Members