Environmental Advisory Committee


The County’s Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) is an advisory committee that acts as the liaison on the flow of strategic advice and expertise among the community, key stakeholders including other volunteer or official environmental organizations, and the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward on matters involving environmental sustainability, stewardship, protection and promotion of the environment. 

The EAC provides information and advice on how particular environmental and sustainability issues impact the community and other municipal plans, while recognizing that many of the issues are within the context of regional, national or global concerns.


  • Through public engagement initiatives, identify and implement activities which support broadened environmental awareness in the County.
  • Draw on the knowledge of members of the community regarding environmental issues and provide advice and information to Council, municipal staff and the public
  • Bring together experts in environmental matters and representatives of the public to collaborate, on a volunteer basis, on initiatives designed to advance environmental aspects of Council’s strategic priorities such as the following:
  • Climate change;
  • waste reduction, reuse and recycling programs;
  • water and energy conservation measures;
  • conservation or restoration of natural features and habitats; and,
  • general sustainability of the County.
  • Provide advice and information to Council and the public through the compilation and provision of an annual report that details threats to the environment in Prince Edward County; various measures of success of local environmental performance; examines trends in environmental protection and promotion; and provides commentary on challenges and opportunities to prevent the degradation of, and to restore and sustain, our environmental assets.
  • To initiate and/or receive submissions and/or delegations from other organizations regarding any other specific environmental concerns.

Roles & Responsibilities

The role and responsibility of all appointed members to comply and work with County procedures, by-laws and Provincial legislation:

  1. County’s Code of Conduct
  2. Environmental Advisory Committee Terms of Reference
  3. County Accountability and Transparency Policy
  4. County Procedural By-law
  5. Other applicable County by-laws and policies
  6. Municipal Act
  7. Planning Act
  8. Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
  9.  Municipal Conflict of Interest Act

The Committee is to review other governmental reports/programs regarding environmental issues and advise/make recommendations to Council.

Provide input to Planning Staff regarding planning policies or procedures, pursued by the County through official plan, zoning by-law amendments or an Official Plan review process.

 The Committee or its member does not have the authority to make direct representations of the County to Federal or Provincial Governments.

 The Committee shall review its terms of reference on an annual basis.

 The Committee will make recommendations to Council on various issues related to the Committee’s mandate.

 Other initiatives may be made as recommended and approved by Council.

Meeting Dates

 The Environmental Advisory Committee shall meet no less than a minimum of four (4) times per year, and more frequently at the discretion of the Chair.



Three (3) members of Council

One (1) technical representative of the Quinte Conservation Authority
One (1) technical representative of the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health

Five (5) public representatives appointed by Council for the term of Council or until reappointed, all of whom should have demonstrated competencies, history or interest in matters pertaining to the environment. No more than one person from any organized environmental group will be appointed

One (1) youth representative (18 - 25)

Additional Information

Environmental Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Members