Accessibility Advisory Committee

Accessibility Plan 2017-2021

The Corporation of the County of Prince Edward strives to meet the needs of its employees, residents, visitors, and customers with disabilities and is working hard to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.

The County is committed to fulfilling our requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act. The Accessibility Plan 2017-2021 outlines the steps The County is taking to meet those requirements and to improve opportunities for people with disabilities. 

Accessibility Plan

Annual Reporting

We report yearly on activities we took to remove barriers and improve accessibility for persons with disabilities.

2019 Accessibility Report

Accessible Customer Service

The County of Prince Edward is committed to providing accessible service for its customers. Goods and services will be provided in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of all customers. The provision of services to persons with disabilities will be integrated into standard operating customer services procedures wherever possible. Persons with disabilities will be given opportunities equal to those given to others to obtain, use, or benefit from the goods and services provided by and on behalf of the Municipality. Council endorsed policy and procedures in March 2010 and these documents are available by the links below. All documents required by the Ontario Regulation 429/07 are available in alternate format, upon request.

Accessibility Customer Service Procedures

The County's Customer Service Policy for Persons with Disabilities

Accessibility Advisory Committee

The mandate of the Accessibility Advisory Committee is to provide advice to Council regarding the municipality’s accessibility plan with a goal to improve accessibility and mobility of residents and visitors within the County through the development of its accessibility plan. The Committee recommends an annual plan for Council consideration.

Accessibility Survey

The Accessibility Advisory Committee needs your help to transform The County into a barrier-free community, inclusive and welcoming of everyone regardless of age, disability, language, or any other factor.

The committee is conducting a survey to help identify barriers faced by people with disabilities in Prince Edward County. The group would appreciate detailed comments to help formulate their action plan. Fill out the survey here.

Terms of Reference

Accessibility Advisory Committee

Meeting Dates

As required - a minimum of three (3) times a year.


Under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 the Committee shall be composed, as follows:

  • No less than three (3) members;
  • No more than seven (7) members;
  • One (1) Member of Council (optional).
  • The majority of the members of the Committee should be people with disabilities.


For the term of Council or until reappointed.


Committee Members

  • Members

    Councillor Ernie Margetson

    Misu Burns

    Kevin Lockwood

    Nancy Stephenson

    Ken Dewar

    Alison Kelly

    Hudson Yarrow

  • Staff Contact

    Tanya Delaney - Outdoor Facility Supervisor

    Contact: 613.476.2148 Ext. 4004